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The Distinctiveness Of American Express Credit Cards

American Express credit cards may not be as popular as Visa and MasterCard is terms of the number of merchants that accept American Express cards but nonetheless, American Express is likewise acceptable worldwide. And somehow, owning an American Express card could add some sort of status as this card is only issued by American Express itself and select banks in the world.

American Express issues credit cards for both individuals and small business accounts. The American Express business credit cards have a nice business scheme and a good built-in feature that let cardholders save more cash at other participating companies.

In terms of rewards and benefits, American Express credit cards have fair number of perks and privileges that it extends to its cardholders. With American Express, the cardholders can enjoy exceptional level of personal service and distinctive experience. This credit card has an exciting and very rewarding Membership Rewards that cardholders can use their points to redeem top of the class accommodation, merchandise and entertainment.

The American Express is also famous for their American Express gift cards. This gift card makes a perfect gift for anyone that function just like a prepaid card and are honored wherever American Express credit cards are accepted. You can even purchase American Express gift cards online using American Express card.

Another distinctiveness of American Express credit card from other credit cards is its no preset spending limit. American Express cardholders have more flexible and independent means to use their credit cards as it is not restricted to a preset credit limit. You have more purchasing power when you are using American Express credit cards.

Owning and sharing your American Express card is also convenient because for just paying a one time fee of $30, you are now capable of extending your American Express credit card for up to five members of your family. And lastly, you can use your American Express to pay your bills the way you like it as you can set it automatically, in monthly basis and even for one time payment transaction only. So if you want a distinct credit card, try American Express credit card and be rewarded with its distinct credit card features.

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