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The Popularity Of Discover Credit Cards

Discover credit cards are undisputedly one of the most popular credit cards in the United States that is being owned by more than 50 million cardholders since it was introduced twenty years ago by Sears who was then the largest retailer in the United States. It is mainly created as an alternative to the usual Visa and MasterCard form of payment.

Discover credit card is best known for its cash back feature and no annual fee benefit that helps consumers to save big bucks whenever they use their Discover cards in paying their transactions. They even have this ShopDiscover Card program that gives a whopping 5% to 20% cash back award when shoppers use their Discover card towards online merchants such as Target, Foot Locker and Carnival Cruise Line.

The reward programs of Discover credit cards are simply awesome and this is the reason why until, more and more consumers prefer to have at least one Discover card on their wallets. Currently, there are three kinds of Discover credit cards that are widely sought in the American market: the Discover Platinum credit card, Discover gas credit card and Discover Miles credit card.

The Discover Platinum credit card features a cash reward benefit of 5% rebate for goods and services purchased at their participating merchants which includes retail stores, restaurants and gas stations. And because the Discover Platinum credit card is mainly a cash back card, all other purchases using this card is eligible for a 1% rebate. This Discover credit card does not have an annual membership fee and is available in wide varieties of card designs.

For drivers and motorists who regularly use their cars may fully be rewarded under the Discover gas credit card that provides 5% cash back on gas and other auto maintenance purchases. All other purchases aside from gas and auto-related purchases can earn a 1% cash rebate. This gas card also features no annual fee and 0% annual interest on balance transfers and other purchases.

Lastly, travelers and business people will be truly rewarded when they apply and use the Discover Miles credit card. Cardholders of this card can earn one mile point for every dollar they spent.

They can also enjoy the 1000 bonus miles every month during the first 12 months of using their Discover miles card. The miles earned from this card can then be exchange for an airline tickets with no restrictive black out dates.

So whenever you are shopping for a rewarding and safe to use credit card with no annual fee charges, check out the Discover credit card and experience the rewards of using their no-frills credit cards.

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