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The Distinctiveness Of American Express Credit Cards

American Express credit cards may not be as popular as Visa and MasterCard is terms of the number of merchants that accept American Express cards but nonetheless, American Express is likewise acceptable worldwide. And somehow, owning an American Express card could add some sort of status as this card is only issued by American Express itself and select banks in the world.

American Express issues credit cards for both individuals and small business accounts. The American Express business credit cards have a nice business scheme and a good built-in feature that let cardholders save more cash at other participating companies.

In terms of rewards and benefits, American Express credit cards have fair number of perks and privileges that it extends to its cardholders. With American Express, the cardholders can enjoy exceptional level of personal service and distinctive experience. This credit card has an exciting and very rewarding Membership Rewards that cardholders can use their points to redeem top of the class accommodation, merchandise and entertainment.

The American Express is also famous for their American Express gift cards. This gift card makes a perfect gift for anyone that function just like a prepaid card and are honored wherever American Express credit cards are accepted. You can even purchase American Express gift cards online using American Express card.

Another distinctiveness of American Express credit card from other credit cards is its no preset spending limit. American Express cardholders have more flexible and independent means to use their credit cards as it is not restricted to a preset credit limit. You have more purchasing power when you are using American Express credit cards.

Owning and sharing your American Express card is also convenient because for just paying a one time fee of $30, you are now capable of extending your American Express credit card for up to five members of your family. And lastly, you can use your American Express to pay your bills the way you like it as you can set it automatically, in monthly basis and even for one time payment transaction only. So if you want a distinct credit card, try American Express credit card and be rewarded with its distinct credit card features.

Understanding Bad Credit Credit Cards

Bad credit credit cards refer to those credit cards that are issued to certain individuals who do not have satisfactory credit history. The emergence of this kind of credit cards ended those days when people can no longer use credit cards because of their previous spending habits that badly affect their credit standing.

Nowadays, there are handfuls of companies that offer bad credit credit cards to serve people under this situation. And if you are wondering why companies offer this type of credit cards, well, it is because the market for bad credit keeps on growing. Further more, offering these credit cards are more lucrative on the part of credit card issuers because they can impose application fees and higher interest rates to its cardholders in exchange of approving them a credit card despite of their unsatisfactory credit records.

Likewise, the market for bad credit c. cards are not only restricted to people with bad credit standing because students, housewives and even people with freelance works that can not provide any steady source or proof of income are also being served by this kind of credit card. With the advent of bad credit credit cards, it is never this easy for individuals under this category to be approved for their very first credit card.

But before jumping into any bad credit credit card, everybody must first understand the fees, interest rates and other related charges that the company may charge to their account as they use this kind of credit card. And because of this, it is very important to shop and compare for the most practical bad credit credit card offers.

All of them may have higher interest rates, but still there are some bad credit credit card issuers that offer reasonable charges so, it is your job to spot these issuers. The best way to find them is to browse the internet. Look for those bad credit credit cards that offer minimal application fees and stick to the credit cards that are issued or backed up by reputable credit card companies because this will give you an assurance that the credit card that will be issued to you is widely acceptable and does not impose ridiculously high interest rates.

And if you were able to prove that you can use their bad credit credit card regularly and responsibly for at least one to two years, you can soon apply for a more economical and rewarding credit card of your choice that they offer for their clients with satisfactory credit records.

The Global Value Of Visa Credit Cards

Visa is said to be the widely circulated credit card brand anywhere in the world and with more than 1.50 billion Visa credit card holders, it is the undisputed most preferred credit card by most people. And with the long years of its service, there is always a Visa for every people’ lifestyle.

Visa credit cards are known for its reliability, convenience and purchasing power. Using Visa is definitely secured and easy as it allows its credit card holders to access instant cash through the 24 million Visa PLUS ATM networks in almost all part of the world.

Nearly all types of Visa credit cards feature premium and exclusive promotions, special offers and rewards for all its cardholders. Visa cards are also known for its excellent Visa travel destination guides and Visa destinations, making this credit card brand the preferred companion of travelers and business people.

Nowadays, aside from the Visa credit cards which are designed for people with excellent and satisfactory credit ratings, there are also Visa prepaid cards, Visa Secured credit cards and Visa debit cards to serve those individuals who need the functionality of Visa but are unable to pass the credit rating requirement of owning the standard credit card.

On the other hand, the available Visa credit cards for people with good credit rating can range from Visa Classic, Visa Platinum, Visa Signature, Visa Gold and Visa Reward Cards. The Visa Classic credit card is the recommended credit card for first-time credit card holders. Visa Gold credit cards feature higher credit limit and are intended for people with excellent credit score.

The Visa Platinum credit card is designed for long-time credit card holders that were able to maintain good credit rating for several years. For cardholders who want more perks and exclusive privileges, the Visa Signature will be their perfect companion as this card features many perks such as free hotel room upgrade and other free travel related services.

And if you want a credit card that will give more value to your money, check out the credit card line-up of Visa Rewards credit card as this allow cardholders to earn point for every dollar they spent using their Visa credit cards. Cardholders can earn and redeem their points toward a wide selection of merchandise, gas rebates and even free airline tickets of their choice.

The Popularity Of Discover Credit Cards

Discover credit cards are undisputedly one of the most popular credit cards in the United States that is being owned by more than 50 million cardholders since it was introduced twenty years ago by Sears who was then the largest retailer in the United States. It is mainly created as an alternative to the usual Visa and MasterCard form of payment.

Discover credit card is best known for its cash back feature and no annual fee benefit that helps consumers to save big bucks whenever they use their Discover cards in paying their transactions. They even have this ShopDiscover Card program that gives a whopping 5% to 20% cash back award when shoppers use their Discover card towards online merchants such as Target, Foot Locker and Carnival Cruise Line.

The reward programs of Discover credit cards are simply awesome and this is the reason why until, more and more consumers prefer to have at least one Discover card on their wallets. Currently, there are three kinds of Discover credit cards that are widely sought in the American market: the Discover Platinum credit card, Discover gas credit card and Discover Miles credit card.

The Discover Platinum credit card features a cash reward benefit of 5% rebate for goods and services purchased at their participating merchants which includes retail stores, restaurants and gas stations. And because the Discover Platinum credit card is mainly a cash back card, all other purchases using this card is eligible for a 1% rebate. This Discover credit card does not have an annual membership fee and is available in wide varieties of card designs.

For drivers and motorists who regularly use their cars may fully be rewarded under the Discover gas credit card that provides 5% cash back on gas and other auto maintenance purchases. All other purchases aside from gas and auto-related purchases can earn a 1% cash rebate. This gas card also features no annual fee and 0% annual interest on balance transfers and other purchases.

Lastly, travelers and business people will be truly rewarded when they apply and use the Discover Miles credit card. Cardholders of this card can earn one mile point for every dollar they spent.

They can also enjoy the 1000 bonus miles every month during the first 12 months of using their Discover miles card. The miles earned from this card can then be exchange for an airline tickets with no restrictive black out dates.

So whenever you are shopping for a rewarding and safe to use credit card with no annual fee charges, check out the Discover credit card and experience the rewards of using their no-frills credit cards.

How To Apply Online For Credit Card

Applying for credit cards is one sure activity that most of us used to do by filling up the application form that was handed to us by an agent or the one that we received by mail. But did you know that there is more convenient way of applying for credit cards? It is through online application. Now, it is easier and safer to apply online for credit card because the web pages for application are all encrypted.

Gone were the days that people worry about losing personal information when they filled up an online form. When you apply online for credit card nowadays, all your data are transmitted through a secure private data system that ensure that nobody can get or view the information that you have entered except to the authorize recipient.

To apply online for credit card, just see to it that the website is SSL verified or at least has an icon of padlock in the bottom part of the website and the URL address is https instead of the usual http before you input any personal data. This will be your guarantee that the online credit application is safe as all legitimate major credit card companies make use of this encryption technology to secure all their web-related transactions.

Then simply proceed to the form by filling up all the necessary data like your full name, date of birth, social security number and so on. If you apply online for credit card, it is advisable to have the necessary data at hand for you to complete the form faster. Remember that online application needs accuracy as with the conventional credit card application.

One good thing when you apply online for credit card is the no time restriction feature because online credit card application can be done 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can do it whenever you want. Likewise, it is very much convenient and easy to fill-up the form online as you do not need to worry about any erasures or unreadable letters.

Here is an example video of how to apply:

Lastly, more and more people everyday apply online for credit cards because online application is relatively faster than the regular application. Some credit card issuers even let you know at once whether you are qualified or not, some even grant instant credit card approval. So whenever you want a faster and more reliable credit card application, head on to the internet, browse for the credit card that perfectly fits your lifestyle and apply online.

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